Created to Learn

Skills acquired

  1. Ability to Link the principles of the memory and understanding.
  2. Ability to recognize how God designed you to learn & use your mind effectively.
  3. Ability identify in others the way God has designed them to learn.

Created to learn

Learning is a gift of God, developed through training opportunities and worked out through timeless repetitions. Each one of you come from a different learning background. Do you feel it is easy to grasp new information, new thoughts and to get deeply into the mystery of the Gospel of God? This course touches the special privilege of learning about God and how He has revealed Himself in the Holy Scriptures. God teaches us even about how to know Himself and His Saviour Jesus Christ. For learning about HIM and learning from Christ, God the creator set up principles of the memory and the way of understanding as He created the human mind.

We want to understand ourselves to use our mind more effectively. God has given us the instrument of logic into our brains as the means to understand truthfully. The Holy Scriptures are using logic to communicate truth to us.

We learn God`s communication by an introduction into the logic of the letter to the Romans. The course closes with looking at you, the learner. You will be provided with some practical helps for an individually adapted way of remembering and understanding. This course prepares you and supports you in your further studies. As more you understand how you are learning, the more you start to get into the science of teaching yourself.

Teacher:  Thomas Gerlach
# of Sessions: 6
Course Duration: 2.8 hours

Discovery Group Basics

Skills acquired:

  1. Ability to facilitate a Discovery Group.
  2. Ability to lead discussions that direct people to faith in Christ.
  3. Ability to not to become argumentative but to remain authentic in your passion of the Gospel to lead your group to be engaged in learning about Jesus.

Discovery Group Basics

This course will provide you the tools needed in starting a discovery group that has a mindset of multiplication.  A discovery group is made mostly of non-believing individuals but led by a few dedicated believers in Jesus.  In many parts of the world and amongst many different cultures, churches have been started in this organic way.  Meaning there was no major raising of funds, securing of a building or hiring of an ordained pastor before the actual church community was started.  Instead, a disciple making group was created.

In this course, two highly experienced and knowledgeable church trainers, Stephen Beck and Theo Visser, team up to show you how this is done.  Theo Visser takes you through the various steps you take to multiply your Discovery Group into a second one, then into several disciple making groups, and ultimately into a worshipping congregation whose focus is on the reaching the community around it.   He shares how discipleship and leadership training happens in these small groups. 

In this organic approach, rapid multiplication of disciples, small groups and congregations is the vision Dr. Beck's contribution in this course.  He will introduce you to the concept of a Discovery Group for non-Christians.  His training manual gives you all the information and creative ideas you need to start a Discovery Group.  In addition, he will give you helpful advice out of his own experience how to lead a multi-cultural Discovery Group.  Once completed, you will be ready to start a multi-cultural Discovery Group.

Teachers:  Theo Visser & Stephen Beck PhD
# of Sessions: 15
Course Duration: 4.8 hours

Theology of a Stranger

Skills acquired:

  1. Ability to communicate how God used those people from different cultures throughout the Bible to acheive His plan.
  2. Apply those Biblical examples in your context.
  3. Communicate how all are called to expand God's Kingdom.

Theology of a stranger

This course will provide you with the practical understanding on the importance of why multi-cultural communities are critical in the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Dr. Stephen will share the Biblical models and stories of how God has used the diversity of culture to move His redemptive grace to every nation. Thru these Biblical examples, you will begin to realize that God has used the foreigner amongst us throughout History to draw us to Him. You will see how from Abraham, to Joseph, to Jesus, and ultimately to each one of us, that He wants to continue to welcome those of different backgrounds to shine His light to the nations.

In the end, you will be prepared to overcome your fear of those who are different and will be equipped to draw people from different ethnical, cultural and linguistic backgrounds together in a group setting.   Thru the experience of Dr. Stephen, he will share about the common challenges which you will face and give you practical solutions to overcome them.

You will see the glory of heaven on earth now thru the diversity of culture!

Teacher: Stephen Beck PhD
# of Sessions: 5
Course Duration: 2 hours

Basic Bible Doctrines Introduction

Skills acquired:

  1. Ability to clearly and simply communicate the theological understanding of the Bible's foundation and history.
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Basic Bible Doctrines Introduction

Jesus is praying in John’s Gospel chapter 17 and says that eternal life means knowing God, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom He sent.  In this course we will learn to know God through learning about Him. This content will transform us to become better ambassadors for Christ and better servants of the living God.  Dr. Gene Haas takes you through a survey of all the systematic theologies through a series of 30 min. videos.  He approaches this material from the perspective of Reformed Theology but welcomes individuals from different theological traditions. 

The goals are 1) To educate you in Christian ministry especially in planting new congregations and in pastoral ministry. And 2) To make theology accessible to all of you. You will discover what relevance has theology to you in your personal walk with Jesus and in your ministry regardless of whether it is public or private.

Teacher:  Gene Haas PhD
# of Sessions: 10
Course Duration: 5.2 hours