Spiritual Life & Formation​

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Dynamic Christian​ Spirituality​
  • Ability to develop your focus on Christ as the goal of our Spirituality.​
  • Ability to discern the guidance of the Holy Spirit.​
  • Ability to apply the four aspects of God the Father that are cornerstones in spiritual formation: sovereignty, holiness, love, pleasures of God.​
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This course will walk thru the foundational principles of what Christian Spirituality is created to be. The sessions have been organized and developed to give a clear path for you, the learner, to not only understand but to put in practice the key characteristics of living a dynamic spiritual life. Dr. Stephen will begin with the explanation of how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the main driving force of everything in our spirituality and how Jesus himself is our goal. He will give specific details on how the Holy Spirit is the fuel for our Christian spiritual formation. Finally, Dr. Stephen will walk thru four specific aspects of God the Father which are the cornerstones in Christian spiritual formation: sovereignty, holiness, love, and the pleasures of God.

Teacher: Stephen Beck PhD​
# of Sessions: 14​
Course Duration: 6.3 hours

​ ​

Developing your Spiritual Disciplines
  • Ability to deepen your Spiritual Life disciplines.​
  • To grow daily to become more and more like Jesus.​
  • Ability to walk along side others to build them up and coach them in the development of their Spiritual disciplines.
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The spiritual life is the natural Christian response of man to the revelation of God's love in Christ. Every born again believer is explicitly called by Jesus Himself to be a disciple and make other disciples. Because of that, each one of us is invited to embark on an exciting and lifelong journey to attain deeper and deeper knowledge of God. Based on the commitment to follow and obey God's inspired Word, the spiritual life combines spiritual disciplines, such as prayer and fasting, but it also seeks to implement concrete action steps for the good of others. The goal perpetually remains to follow Christ's greatest command to love God and to love others. Ultimately the spiritual life strives for every believer to become more and more like Jesus. May this course help you to do just that!​

Teacher: Dejan Aždajić PhD​
# of Sessions: 7
​ Course Duration: 2.8 hours

Prayer Foundations

You will gain the ability to:

  • develop a rhythm of connecting and remaining in Jesus thru relationship with Him.
  • discern the voice of Jesus.
  • apply upward, inward and outward aspects of prayer in your life.
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In the gospel of John, Chapter 15, Christ speaks directly to His disciples about their relationship to him and His relationship to them. If a reader quickly reads thru this text, he may not see the relationship these verses have with prayer. However, when stopping to read and study the passages, we will realize that this text has everything to do with prayer!

Throughout this study, we are going to look carefully at these passages to begin to expose their link to prayer. We will also look at different prayers throughout the Bible as examples given to us by God to guide and lead us in the growth of our prayer life. This will lead us to develop a deeper level of intimacy with Christ and to greater levels of faith which will allow our prayers to be aligned with His will.

Teacher: Joel Lutz
# of Sessions: 10
​Course Duration: 3.1 hours

Created to Learn​
  • For anyone interested in the Biblical understanding of learning.​
  • An overview of how Holy Scripture uses logic to communicate truth.​
  • Learning is a special privelege given by God.​
  • Learning the Biblical science of teaching yourself.
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Learning is a gift of God, developed through training opportunities and worked out through timeless repetitions. Each one of you come from a different learning background. Do you feel it is easy to grasp new information, new thoughts and to get deeply into the mystery of the Gospel of God? This course touches the special privilege of learning about God and how He has revealed Himself in the Holy Scriptures. God teaches us even about how to know Himself and His Saviour Jesus Christ. For learning about HIM and learning from Christ, God the creator set up principles of the memory and the way of understanding as He created the human mind.

We want to understand ourselves to use our mind more effectively. God has given us the instrument of logic into our brains as the means to understand truthfully. The Holy Scriptures are using logic to communicate truth to us.

We learn God`s communication by an introduction into the logic of the letter to the Romans. The course closes with looking at you, the learner. You will be provided with some practical helps for an individually adapted way of remembering and understanding. This course prepares you and supports you in your further studies. As more you understand how you are learning, the more you start to get into the science of teaching yourself.​

Teacher: Thomas Gerlach ​
# of Sessions: 6
​ Course Duration: 2.8 hours