Bible & Theology

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Basic Bible Doctrines​ Introduction
  • This course is for anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of the Bible. ​
  • It will answer the question: What is theology and who “does theology”? ​
  • This basic introduction will lead you through the first introductory themes of basic Bible doctrines.​
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Jesus is praying in John’s Gospel chapter 17 and says that eternal life means knowing God, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom He sent. In this course we will learn to know God through learning about Him. This content will transform us to become better ambassadors for Christ and better servants of the living God. Dr. Gene Haas takes you through a survey of all the systematic theologies through a series of 30 min. videos. He approaches this material from the perspective of Reformed Theology but welcomes individuals from different theological traditions.

The goals are 1) To educate you in Christian ministry especially in planting new congregations and in pastoral ministry. And 2) To mae theology accessible to all of you. You will discover what relevance has theology to you in your personal walk with Jesus and in your ministry regardless of whether it is public or private.​

Teacher: Gene Haas PhD​
# of Sessions: 10
​ Course Duration: 5.2 hours

Doctrine of the Trinity & Man​
  • Ability to defend the theology of God's existence. ​
  • Ability to discern the decrees of God and how He uses them to bring Him greater glory. ​
  • Ability to communicate God's plan for the Church and His redemptive plan for all nations. ​
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This course consists of three small sections which will take you thru the narrative of the Bible. The first section focuses on the doctrine of God's character, where the teacher looks at the name of God, the basics of the Holy Trinity and how it is the foundation for the formation of the church.

He then will take you thru the Decrees of God and how God uses these to bring greater glory to Himself. Dr. Gene will present this by looking at creation, creation and science, and how they are linked in God's overall providence for the world.

The course ends with a section focusing on the need for humanity to be saved from the sin which entered the world thru the act of one man and one woman. This need for salvation is met thru the person of Jesus Christ. The conclusion summarizes how Jesus is using His body (the church), to carry out His redemptive plan for all nations.

Teacher: Gene Haas PhD​
# of Sessions: 12
Course Duration: 6 hours