Congregational Multiplication​ & Transformation

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  • For anyone interested in leading or starting a Christian Community.​
  • Definition and 10 reasons for starting “planting” a Christian Community.​
  • The DNA values of a healthy Christian Community.​
  • Knowing your vision and putting together a philosophy of ministry.​
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This course will provide to you the tools needed to begin your journey on planting churches that have a multiplication mindset.

The main tools that you will gain are: ​

  • The Definition of church planting ​
  • 10 Reasons for planting churches ​
  • The DNA values of a healthy church plant
  • Characteristics of a church planter
  • Foundational issues faced when planting a church ​
  • Knowing your vision
  • Putting together a philosophy of ministry.

The Goal of this Course is to provide you with the foundational understanding of the role of church planting in God's expanding kingdom, of the character and spiritual gift-mix of a church planter, and of the basic make-up of a church plant (the DNA), so that you can formulate and clearly articulate the purpose and parameters of the church you wish to plant.

After taking this course it is my prayer that you be equipped and encouraged to take steps of faith to begin your journey with the Holy Spirit. May you grow in faith as you walk with Him in not only learning theoretically, but also practically.

Teacher: Stephen Beck PhD​
# of Sessions: 20​
Course Duration: 9.6 hours

Classical Church Planting
  • For individuals interested in starting classical church.
  • A practical overview on the classical phases of planting a church in the western context.
  • Provides the proper tools, specific to your context, to help plant your church.
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In this course Dr. Beck works through the classical or traditional way most denominations in the western hemisphere plant churches but adds some key insights and practices he has learned from his years of association with leading church planters and such church planting networks like City To City, City Mentoring Program, and now mosaiXmultiply. Dr. Beck takes the student through the phases of church planting and the various aspects of each of the phases to build an easy-to-follow, practical, step-by-step approach. Many church planting training programs give aspiring church planters helpful principles to go by. Dr. Beck uses a so-called "church planting globe" to not only give you a clear overview of all the steps to be taken, but very detailed instructions and advice for each step, all the way to reaching the first of two goals of church planting: installing your first elders (the second goal is multiplying your church plant into another church plant, but that is CP7). In doing so, he is careful to consider that every church plant has its own unique context and that no one way of doing things fits everywhere. The church planting student will want to take all the principles, steps and detailed advice in this course and apply them to his own context. (Note: how to contextualize is the major focus of CP4). You will be equipped with the proper tools needed to continue your journey on planting a classical church that has a multilocational mindset.

Teacher: Stephen Beck PhD​
# of Sessions: 15
​ Course Duration: 4.8 hours

​ ​

Discovery Group Basics
  • For anyone interested in Leading a Discipleship Discovery group.​
  • Practical guide to develop your discipleship and leadership skills.​
  • How to lead a group of multi-cultural/multi-ethnical people at different stages of their journey.
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This course will provide you the tools needed in starting a discovery group that has a mindset of multiplication. A discovery group is made mostly of non-believing individuals but led by a few dedicated believers in Jesus. In many parts of the world and amongst many different cultures, churches have been started in this organic way. Meaning there was no major raising of funds, securing of a building or hiring of an ordained pastor before the actual church community was started. Instead, a disciple making group was created. ​ ​

In this course, two highly experienced and knowledgeable church trainers, Stephen Beck and Theo Visser, team up to show you how this is done. Theo Visser takes you through the various steps you take to multiply your Discovery Group into a second one, then into several disciple making groups, and ultimately into a worshipping congregation whose focus is on the reaching the community around it. He shares how discipleship and leadership training happens in these small groups.

In this organic approach, rapid multiplication of disciples, small groups and congregations is the vision Dr. Beck's contribution in this course. He will introduce you to the concept of a Discovery Group for non-Christians. His training manual gives you all the information and creative ideas you need to start a Discovery Group. In addition, he will give you helpful advice out of his own experience how to lead a multi-cultural Discovery Group. Once completed, you will be ready to start a multi-cultural Discovery Group.​

Teachers: Theo Visser & Stephen Beck PhD​
# of Sessions: 15​
Course Duration: 4.8 hours

Contextualization & Methods​
  • Focus on how to bridge the Gospel of Jesus in the cultural context you are in.​
  • You will be equipped with the biblical definition of contextualisation and how to apply it in your situation. ​
  • You will explore of the various models of starting a multi-cultural community.​
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This course about contextualization and models for starting a multi-cultural community centred around Jesus is one of the most overlooked subjects in the area of congregation multiplication. The course begins with the definition of contextualization and finds in the Bible the guidelines for practicing it in the work of the Kingdom of God. You will learn the theory of contextualizing and you will be given practical tools. You will understand how the Gospel is designed to be contextualized and how you can adapt it to your own situation.​

Not everything that Dr. Stephen Beck is teaching in this course is going to fit perfectly to your situation. However, listen and absorb the principles, then contextualize the teaching to your area, situation, culture, and language. Seek advice and guidance from God and His Word. Turn to locals in your community in whom you trust or expand your network as described in the teaching to strengthen your confidence in progressing your work. If God sent you, He would lead you!​

Teacher: Stephen Beck PhD​
# of Sessions: 13
​ Course Duration: 13 hours

​ ​

Theology of a Stranger
  • This course is for any individual who wants to learn how interact with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. ​
  • Understanding the biblical teaching of multicultural theology by learning from Jesus, our best example of a stranger who came from heaven and lived amongst us. ​
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This course will provide you with the practical understanding on the importance of why multi-cultural communities are critical in the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Dr. Stephen will share the Biblical models and stories of how God has used the diversity of culture to move His redemptive grace to every nation. Thru these Biblical examples, you will begin to realize that God has used the foreigner amongst us throughout History to draw us to Him. You will see how from Abraham, to Joseph, to Jesus, and ultimately to each one of us, that He wants to continue to welcome those of different backgrounds to shine His light to the nations.

In the end, you will be prepared to overcome your fear of those who are different and will be equipped to draw people from different ethnical, cultural and linguistic backgrounds together in a group setting. Thru the experience of Dr. Stephen, he will share about the common challenges which you will face and give you practical solutions to overcome them. ​

You will see the glory of heaven on earth now thru the diversity of culture!​

Teacher: Stephen Beck PhD​
# of Sessions: 5​
Course Duration: 2.0 Hours

Christ Centered Multi-Cultural Community Multiplication​
  • For those interested in leading a large or small group that multiplies.​
  • Practical guide for the multiplication of multi-cultural communities. ​
  • How to multiply leaders thru discipleship making.​
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This course begins with the first phase of preparation, when starting a multi-cultural community centred around Jesus. There are many things that need to be taken in consideration. Where do you begin? What do you do?

​Hans Euser looks at Luke chapter 10 and extracts 5 practical principles for beginning the journey of creating a multi-cultural community. As he takes us through disciple making teachings, we learn from the great commission the will of God for the growth of His body.​

Since we don’t want and can not to do everything ourselves, we need to build teams, delegate tasks, and train disciples in assuming responsibilities. Hans shares form his experience, and also examines the teachings of Paul, to lay out a list of practical multiplication principles.​

Teacher: Hans Euser​
# of Sessions: 5​
Course Duration: 1.5 hours