Pastoral Ministry

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Leading through crisis
  • Identifying that leading can be costly – but also the most rewarding
  • The navigation of challenges hurdles, handicaps, and hurts in leadership
  • Practical applications on remaining humble and reliant God and the power of the Holy Spirit.
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Do you feel tired, lonely and burnt out as a Leader?

Leadership comes with a price tag. Pain in various forms is expected for anyone who takes on a leadership role. Yet the reward is worth it. This course will examine the potential struggles a leader may encounter during ministry and propose methods and strategies to deal with them. The main goal of a minister who was called by God is to stay faithful to the calling to the end. In this course you will get the tools that will help you not to drop out or feel defeated when things go wrong during your service.

Teacher: Evi Rodemann
# of Sessions: 10
​ Course Duration: 3.0 hours