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Board of Directors

CEO & President

Joel Lutz is an experienced leader with over 25 years of multicultural engagement across 10 countries. His expertise lies in leading diverse teams, emphasizing leading by example, efficient delegation, and navigating critical decision-making. In 2011, Joel and his wife Jenni joined Stephen & Susan Beck on the startup team for a Christ-centered community in the Frankfurt, Germany metro region. In 2022, he was obedient to the Lord’s call, leaving his role as a Senior Leader in the Automotive Industry to lead mosaiXmultiply.  Additionally, Joel serves as a pastoral advisor at a local Christ-centered community in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and is part of a pastor’s network with the focus of fostering unity among local pastors for the greater good of God's Kingdom. His journey signifies both professional excellence, and a profound commitment to spiritual and communal leadership.

Congregation Multiplication

Stephen Beck has been a recognized church planting leader since the 1990s. He has led church multiplication projects in Canada, The United States, and Europe, and currently coaches church planters and church plants in several parts of the world. An ordained pastor, and a member of Greater Europe Mission, Dr. Beck's experience includes teaching Practical Theology and church planting courses at the Freie Theologische Hochschule in Giessen, Germany (2003 - 2021), guest teaching at additional theological institutions in Europe, planting and pastoring several congregations, and he is now bringing his experience and understanding to many through his lecturing and coaching online through MosaiX Academy. He is married to Susan and they have four adult daughters and 11 grandchildren. Currently, the Becks live in Minneapolis, USA, where they lead a multicultural church planting movement.

Strategic Partnerships

Richard Bonham was an engineer for twenty years in Chicago prior to God calling his family to move to Germany at the end of December 2000 to begin their lives as full-time missionaries with Greater Europe Mission (GEM). He has had many opportunities to use the skills he learned as an engineer to further the gospel in Europe. Rich began his work by helping to start a ministry focused on using technology. Over nearly 20 years in Europe, he has participated in many networks focused on reaching the people groups of Europe, especially those focused on the immigrants. He helps GEM in partnering with many Jesus centered communities and ministries to reach the great cities of Europe. He recently relocated to the USA and continues to help us focus on getting resources out to the people that need them.

Global Directors

Faculty & Curriculum Development

Dr. David Beck grew up in Germany and Austria as the son of one of the founding faculty of the FTH Giessen, and the brother of Dr. Steven Beck. David completed his PhD in Philosophy from Boston University in 1981. For the past 45 years, he has been a professor, and now emeritus and administrator at Liberty University in Virginia, USA. He has been married to his wife Jean for over 50 years, and they four married daughters and 14 grandchildren. Dr. Beck’s work has included being a VP at TRACS, an accrediting agency, and involved in Liberty’s ongoing accreditation process. His primary emphasis is teaching and writing; his recent book Does God Exist? seeks to ground believers in a knowledge of the truth, and the truth about the Truth. David’s goal is to see high-quality training available to pastors who will communicate God’s truth to every culture-group in the world.

Persian World

Dr. Richard received his Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1998. He then served as a pastor in California for six years, at an international church in Belgium for five years, and taught theology and trained international church leaders in Dubai for four years. Dr. Richard received a PhD in Intercultural Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 2022, and now continues his ministry of providing theological education and ministry training to international church leaders.

Latino World

As a native Spaniard, Xavi S. grew up in Germany and has been involved in social work with children and young people for over 30 years. Among other things, he has had the opportunity to gain an insight into a wide variety of cultures through aid projects, where he has taken lead roles, especially in communities with fellow, foreign citizens. His heart's desire is to sensitize people, especially in Spanish-speaking countries, to the heartbeat of God for their country and region and to start their projects aligned with the Father's thoughts. This also includes networking and connecting the most diverse groups and countries in the world.

Ex-Amish World

Jonas Brenneman was born in Delaware, USA into an Old Order Amish family. He left the Amish in 2005, with only a seventh-grade education. After becoming a Christian and joining in mission work in Nicaragua, he completed his GED and pursued higher education to better equip him for a life of serving God in fulltime ministry. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Christian ministries, with a minor in biblical studies from Trinity International University. After spending time in Frankfurt, Germany interning with the Mosaik church-planting movement, Jonas received his Master of Arts in Cultural Apologetics from Houston Christian University. He has worked in church planting, church restoration, and discipleship. Jonas works with mosaiXmultiply to train and equip ministry leaders and church planters among the former Amish. He is married to his wife Abigail, and they have two young children.

Prayer Leader

Hye-jinIm was born in South Korea and immigrated to Canada. She lives in Toronto and belongs to a local congregation of Jesus followers where she serves as a music/worship director. Through her training of Music Therapy, she has learned that "All real living is meeting" (Martin Buber). Belonging to the community of mosaiXmultiply, she hopes to participate in this living with Jesus followers gathered from everywhere, to meet with one another, to speak to one another, and to pray for one another.


Communications & Social Media Manager

Hannah Walker has always had a passion for reaching people. Through her work as a nurse, Hannah realizes the needs for not only people’s physical health, but their spiritual health. She loves communicating stories of people from all different backgrounds and cultures, and incorporating their experiences to show what the Lord is doing.

Online Content Manager

Roy was born in Israel and raised in a postmodern pluralistic environment. His thirst for truth and spirituality led him back to the God of his forefathers, whom he now passionately serves. Roy prepares the way for the prophecy in Isaiah 19:24 to be fulfilled by bridging between cultures through the peace and unity found in Jesus. At the same time, he is passionate to see the people of Israel turn back to their God; he has been working with mosaiXmultiply since 2018 to prepare for the fulfilment of the prophecies of Zechariah 12:10 and Romans 11:26 in Europe, the Middle East, and in other parts of the world.

Website Designer & IT Manager

Gerhard Weise lives in Germany near Wiesbaden. His homebase is the MoveChurch, a multiculturally oriented church in the center of Germany, where he is the Online Pastor and part of the leadership team for over 100 housecellgroups. In his office, Gerhard works for corporate communication where he has developed many internet projects for companies and associations. His professional and community focus is to use online media to spread the good news in a timely manner.

Persian Team Leader

Sylvie Charliekaram is an inspirational and inclusive leader who understands the needs and cultural sensitivities of people coming from multicultural and diverse backgrounds. She holds a Master’s degree in Education and has extensive international work experience as a senior administrator and freelance Christian focused translator and interpreter working in educational and non-for-profit settings. Sylvie is passionate about working with people and supporting immigrants and refugees through her day-to-day work. She is an active member at her local congregation and co-leads a Persian ministry based in Toronto, Canada reaching out to a broad global network.