• Six learning streams

  • Multiple instructional video sessions in each stream.

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ACADEMY - Individual

Guidelines for Acceptance:  To enter the mosaiXmultiply Academy, must submit a prepared applicateach prospective student must complete and submit an application form along with a sponsor of the individual whom has referred the student to mosaiXmultiply.  If you do not have a reference person, and are still interested in enrolling into the academy, please contact us at info@mosaixmultipy.org and we will send you an application form.

Once your application is submitted, our team will evaluate the information and if accepted, provide the applicant a letter of acceptance.  Upon admittance, the accepted student must pay the entry fee of $250 to gain access to the Academy.  They will be provided their own individual log in ID and password.  If financial support is needed, please request, as we are seeking the availability of a scholarship funds.

TRAINING - Individual

If you are an individual seeking specific training from any one of our course and/or streams, you are not required to submit an application for admittance.  You will be asked a few general questions to register.  Once you have paid for your chosen content, you will receive a confirmation email including an individual log in ID and password.  This will allow access to only the videos in which you are purchasing.  If at a later date you choose to purchase more content, you will be able to do so when logged into your personal account.

TRAINING - Church or Organisation

If you are from a church or organisation seeking to use the videos for training for multiple people in your networks, schools, denominations, please send us an email to our info@mosaixmultiply.org address detailing your specific organisations information, reason for wanting to use the content, along with your contact information.  We will review your request and reply with in a few days of your request.

Our response will be based on the following guidelines: 

  1. If the use of a mosaiXmultiply course video does not put the teacher in the video at risk in any way.
  2. If the church or organization pays the fee for the video.
  3. If the requestor applies for “outside use” and signs a prepared statement regarding the usage of the material.